J Dee DuPuy is a Bostonian and RedSox fan transplanted to the equator where the air is thick and heavy and smells like plants all the time. Her adopted city is 719 square km of tropical paradise containing 5.6 million people and one stunned expat who retreats to the attic of a flat on Pasir Panjang Road to hide from the sun and write speculative fiction after the day-job is done.  

Dee likes fizzy wine and kopi-o and macOS and RPM at the gym and the fried bee hoon on the 2nd floor of the Kent Ridge MRT and Star Trek and Vinyasa yoga and cats. And writing. And talking about writing. You can get in touch with Dee here.


Making Of / Colophon

The little robot in my logo was designed by Ricardo Moreira and uploaded to The Noun Project under Creative Commons license. I love it it is so adorable thank you Ricardo. The font is Montag, a futuristic font designed by Jeremy Dooley, who, if he ever saw this would probably send me an angry email about kerning and I wouldn't blame him. You can buy the font here.


All the covers on this site were designed and created by me. Why can't actually writing the book be as fun and fast as designing the cover for it  >.<  When these books make it to market I'll hire a pro to create new ones unless I somehow manage to get good at it in the interim, ha, you can kinda tell that City Dog was my first attempt :D;;;;

 ...of course, when I say fun and fast.... I actually spend weeks choosing the fonts for these things, don't judge me, bro.

Cover, Agents of AEGIS: Ex Vivo
Composited in Photoshop from 5 or 6 images sourced under CC0 licenses from Pixabay. Color and composition by me. The font is Moki, this really great sort of retro sci-fi font that is super versatile. Designed by Marcus Sterz. You can buy it here.

Cover, Code 5 Confidential: City Dog
Composited from a couple of images off Pixabay, color and composition by me. The font is Conspiracy, a clever and quirky destroyed typewriter font which includes a redacted face (ee!). Designed by Nerfect Type Laboratories, you can find it here.

Chibi Dee
My avatar was created from a portrait a friend drew of me back in the day. It's what I used to look like in Boston. Nowadays, of course, I'm all tropical and stuff and my treasured buttery-soft, decades old leather jacket is in storage ._.

Book/eReader Mockups
The brilliant template you see my covers poured into came from Covervault.com. Mark Monciardini provides a huge selection of templates both paid and free--mostly free--from his website. The Photoshop files are expertly set up with layers, masks, and smart objects so they're easy to use and perform fantastically. Best of the web, both in content and spirit. Thank you, Mark.