Fan Works

Back in the day, Dee was a comic book artist. One of my web-comics ran for 5 years of page-a-week updates, at the end of which I had one 127 page book, ha. Now I only write words and, output-wise, let me tell you omg is it more efficient. But I still get the urge to draw. So occasionally I shake the geckos out of the Cintiq and make stuff.  


Post Atomic Horror Podcast

PAH is awesome. Currently they're crawling their way through a million seasons of Star Trek Voyager and it is hilarious to listen to them suffer. I have a good friend, a long-time PAH listener, who turned me on the podcast recently. Sometimes he gets a wild hair and makes fan-music for the show. So I made fan-art for his fan-music. The wheels, they go round and round :D

This is the "CD cover" for Richard's song, Special Boy. HARRY KIM, YOU'RE THE WORST.

You can listen to all of Richard's original songs for the podcast here.

Post Atomic Horror Podcast homepage is here.


Simon Sues picspam

My friend Myung does a supernatural thriller comic called Simon Sues. She's up to episodes in the 80s and these are not tiny little chapters either, my friend, oh no, they're like 30 drawn pages long and chock-through with just really killer fight scenes. 

So when I got really into picspam on Tumblr I naturally did a few for her characters, Simon and Issac.

If a mashup of Law and Order and Faust and supernatural horror and action/adventure and fantastic art sounds good to you, check out Simon Sues on Tapastic.